• Image of "Fight for Freedom" Langston Hughes Shirt

2-Color Red and Black printed on white Gildan shirt. Orders go out in 2 weeks!

Although I prefer Langston's Poetry 'FIGHT FOR FREEDOM' was a book Langston wrote to document the people and organizing efforts of the NAACP.

The title rang loud with me which is why I chose to make this shirt. The image is of Langston in front of his Harlem home in 1954 where he created a garden for neighborhood children.

"But most of the patch of earth beside the front steps, about six feet square, was barren from years of trampling by neighbourhood children, who had little time for flowers. Langston decided to rescue it, and teach the children a tender lesson at the same time. He named the plot their garden.

Under his supervision…each child chose a plant, set it, and assumed partial responsibility for weeding and watering the garden. On a picket beside each plant was posted a child’s name. Proud of the garden, which flourished, and prouder still of his children, Langston was photographed at least once beaming in their midst."