• Image of "Heaven Is A Place" Novella

The second edition of my first novella.

60 pages, perfect bound pocket book sized 4.25x7


~Like a clammy hand stumbling across your arm Rich's stories are like drawn out poems set to a loose tale. In this book, he presents a group of pieces placed in novella form, stories and musings from the perspective of an over observant and frightfully self-aware young brown boy, dreamily floating through a weekend that has no specific time or date, just a group of days placed in space.

As he shuffles down the streets where he lives, he leads you through his life reflecting longingly and painfully about family, friends and self, including all the pressures that ache on the mind of a young brown boy looking for calm. School politics in a hood he calls home and family strains that pull him like taffy, all these things mold him and stain him. Living inside your head can be a dangerous place to reside.

These short stories welcome the reader to think about memory/history: Most days seem to melt into each other and you forget either purposefully or subconsciously all the parts that make ‘em up. If you could rewrite a time and space and resurrect what fragmented memories you do have the facts matter less, the feelings trump all logic and a dream is conjured back into existence. ~